“Catherine of Siena, A Woman for Our Times”
February 10, 2022
Venue: St. Cecilia
Suggested Donation: $18.00

One of nine children in a lively Irish family, Nancy Murray tangled with a feisty mother to become a Dominican sister and teach and work with the poor in Chicago. She attended people dying of cancer and AIDS, visited prisoners, traveled the world and then became famous for her one-woman performance as St. Catherine of Siena.

More than six centuries stretch between the two women’s lives.

Murray, who’s the sister of comedian Bill Murray and every bit as sharp-witted, isn’t about to claim sainthood. But when she puts on the rough, heavy habit of a medieval Dominican nun and begins speaking in a rolling Italian accent, her words tumbling over each other, staccato and full of fire, then gentle and tender … the distance closes. ” (National Catholic Register)

Sister Nancy Murray, OP, an Adrian Dominican Sister, uses her gift for acting to help spread the story of Dominican Saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church.

Transforming herself into the 14th century saint and patronesss of the Dominican Order, Sister Nancy’s one-woman show entertains audiences from all across the world with her story of St. Catherine’s fierce devotion and love for God.

St. Catherine gave prayer and healing to people from all over the world, cared for the terminally ill, and ministered to those on death row. She even journeyed to Avignon, France, where Pope Gregory XI was in exile, and persuaded him to return to Rome.

Churches, schools, and organizations of all sizes delight in the portrayal of St. Catherine’s passionate, strong and colorful personality. Sister Nancy uses inspiration and humor to take audiences on a journey that touches the minds and hearts of all ages.

Besides performances for Saint Catherine of Siena, Sister Nancy has also performed shows as Notre Dame de Namur Sister Dorothy Stang, who was murdered in the Amazon, and Mary Potter, founder of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, program starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm.
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