Warm Greetings to Faith & Wine
Lee County Members!

We are hopeful that you are well and staying healthy during this unprecedented time of the pandemic.  Our world seems to have changed overnight and now we are using social media more than ever to stay connected with family, friends and co-workers.

Our Faith & Wine Board is no exception.  We have been meeting by video conference and have some changes to share with you.  As always, some of the news is exciting and part of it is a little sad.  Two of our long-time board members have decided to step down starting this season.  You will still see them as they plan to join us at our events and will mentor those taking their place.

Sue Ammon, one of our founding members and president for the past 6 years has decided to take a step back and will help me in my role as the new president.  Her new title is Admin Director at Large.  She will continue to be a part of Faith & Wine as she has helped bring this Apostolate to where it is today.  I cannot thank Sue enough for her many contributions to Faith & Wine, our board and for her friendship.  We wish Sue well, but know that we will see her at our events.

Sharon Natella, our Hospitality and Food Chair, has been with us since the beginning as well and has decided to step down but will continue to help our new Chair, Marie Ramos, as she takes on this role.  Sharon has done such a wonderful job with this role and we will miss her infectious laugh.  We welcome Marie and we know that she will do a great job in this position.

We congratulate Lori Gravatte as she moves into the position of Vice President.  We welcome Ria Brown as our new secretary and know she will step right in to be a valued member of our board. Lori will work with Ria as she moves into the secretary role.

We have updated our Board members on our website, so please take a look for more information.  Please join me in welcoming the new board members, Marie and Ria, and congratulating Lori in her new role and wishing well to those that will be leaving their position but not our hearts.  We appreciate those on the board that remain with us in their current position, Julie, Robin, Janet and Luann.  We look forward to seeing you in 2020!  Thank you for your prayerful support!

Jennifer Engelman